Restaurant Food May Not Always Be Healthy

April 17th, 2019

Fast food chains are well-known to be bad for our health, but most people don’t realize that typical restaurant foods may not be much healthier.  While the food they serve may look better and the atmosphere of most restaurants is nicer, there may be just as much saturated fats, salt and sugar in the food.  Many chefs will often say that a dish can be made more palatable if it has enough salt, fat, and sugar.  If you saw how your food was prepared in a restaurant, you’d be shocked.  Typically, the oils they use may be either poor quality vegetable oil to save on costs, or generous amounts of butter.  As an example, did you ever ever wonder why the steaks from top rated steak houses taste so good?  They are usually slathered in butter.  Did you wonder why you could never replicate the taste of steakhouses on your home grill even if you buy high quality meat?  Again, you would think twice before adding as much butter as they do in restaurants, which makes sense because their job is to win over your taste buds and keep you from cooking at home.  Portion sizes at restaurants are also usually much larger.  Here is how to eat out in a healthy way.

To eat healthier, I recommend that everyone make some or most meals at home.  You don’t think you can cook?  Think again, anyone can learn and there are many resources on the web.  Start by making a simple salad that requires no cooking.  Baked foods  or stir-frys are also really easy for the beginner.  Roast some vegetables or mushrooms in the oven, and drizzle with some heart healthy extra virgin olive oil, some fresh herbs, and a little sea salt.  You would be surprised how easy it can be.  By cooking your own food, you will definitely save money, and know for sure what goes into your body.  Cooking is also a great creative outlet.  Experiment with different foods and seasonings that appeal to you.  If you have a favorite unhealthy “splurge” food, try to make a healthier version.  Simply enter the name of your favorite food and “healthy recipe” into Google and you will likely find something appealing that won’t hurt your waistline.