Health and wellness are often taken for granted.  The human body is a finely-tuned machine that can adapt to harsh conditions, but over time, it needs attention. Kai is a Chinese word meaning triumph or victory. The more information and knowledge you have about health and wellness, the better prepared you are to triumph over the daily challenges you may face. The goal of this website is to create awareness and offer advice on how to maintain your body.  Through proper diet, exercise, and being alert to the warning signs from awareness of your own body, I hope you’ll find it useful to the path to good health.

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Healthy Recipes

Diet is often misconceived as a temporary solution to weight loss. Diet should refer to good healthy eating throughout each day.  Cooking at home is important to a good diet. When you cook at home, you know what is and what is not in your food. These simple, yet tasty recipes allow you to enjoy the food while keeping your body healthy and energetic.

Healthy Veggie Wrap

Healthy Veggie Wrap

“Caprese” Salad with Tofu

caprese salad with tofu

Chicken & Vegetable Trio

Chicken Vegetable Trio

Brown Rice with Cranberries

Brown Rice with CCranberries

Ginger Tea