Get your flu shots!

January 15th, 2017

shutterstock_221544541According to the CDC, we are in the middle of this year’s flu season with many states reporting record numbers of flu cases.  The good news is that the flu vaccine is well matched to the flu strains that are spreading around.  Essentially, this means if you get the flu shot you will have better protection with this year’s formulation.  The bad news is that this is predicted to be a pretty bad flu season because the predominant flu strain is an H3 subtype, which often leads to more hospitalizations and death than other strains.

Protect yourself and your family!  Get your flu shot today.  Fortunately, the flu vaccine is in plentiful supply and is available at medical offices and pharmacies.  For 2 weeks after getting the flu shot, be sure to stay away from anyone who has the flu.  The flu vaccine is effective starting 2 weeks after you get the shot.  The pain of the shot is well worth the risk of having to stay in bed for a week or more!  Need more reasons, here are a list of 7 reasons!